Front cover of  book Boss Mustang 50 years in blue and orange letters with front and side view of blue 1970 Ford Mustang


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Boss Mustang: 50 years

Of the legendary names in the history of the Ford Mustang, one stands apart: BOSS. In 1969, two new SportsRoof models debuted to homologate special engines for racing. The Boss 429 came first, in January, to legalize its massive hemi-head engine for NASCAR, followed three months later by the Boss 302 and its canted-valve small-block for Trans-Am. Limited numbers of Boss 429 and Boss 302 Mustangs were sold during 1969-70; both were considered among the best of the American muscle cars.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Boss Mustang, Donald Farr has revised his original Boss 302 book to include three new chapters about the development, history, and recognition of the Boss 429. Farr conferred with noted Boss 429 expert Ed Meyer to make sure that the information is as accurate as possible.

With Boss Mustang: 50 Years, you also get the story of the Boss 302 Mustangs, both 1969-70 and 2012-13. The originals were designed by the legendary Larry Shinoda and were distinguished by their race-bred power plant, standard front spoiler, and bold graphics. Chapters also covers the 1969 and 1970 Trans-Am racing seasons, which culminated in a season championship in 1970 with drivers Parnelli Jones and George Follmer. For the 2012 model year, Ford revived the Boss 302 as a modern street version that delivered superb handling and more than 440 horsepower, with a Laguna Seca model available as a track-ready version.

Kevin Marti also wrote the new Foreword for this new edition.

Front cover of  book Boss Mustang 50 years in blue and orange letters with front and side view of blue 1970 Ford Mustang
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